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Solar Finance for Immediate Transitioning to Renewable Energy

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The current energy supply crisis in South Africa once again highlights the importance of having a reliable alternative energy source in place. Grid power is unreliable, evident in the fact that power cuts are now part of every South African’s life.

Add to the above, financial losses associated with spoiled fresh and frozen produce, inability to supply fuel to customers, and ATM facilities not functioning, and it becomes clear that alternative energy sources are essential.

To this end, businesses and residential property owners need to transition from their reliance on grid-power to alternative energy sources to reduce operational losses and ensure quality of life.

However, the shift towards renewable energy is expensive, requiring large upfront capital investments. For many firms and residential property owners, it thus remains an unreachable solution.

Understanding how important it is to keep the power on and businesses functional, we enable clients to migrate to renewable energy supply without the initial large capital layout.

Solar finance eliminates the need for upfront capital investment

The transitioning to renewable energy is possible without any capital investment or risk. This provides immediate savings and assurance of reliable power supply. Our solar finance solution helps businesses to save up to 50% of their current electricity bills. They also have the option of upgrading their solar systems to the complete off-grid solution.

Clients thus benefit from immediate short-term and long-term financial and operational benefits.

Three reasons to transition to grid-tied or completely off-grid solar energy supply:

· Monthly savings on utilities.

· Lower environmental impact.

· Availability of electricity during grid power interruptions.

Clients now have access to solar finance, ensuring immediate off-grid or grid-tied energy and continuous business operations regardless of power supply issues in the country. Our hassle-free solution is the answer to reduction in costs, protection of the environment, and risk management in terms of power supply.

We provide a turnkey solution that includes:

· Solar finance.

· Design and installation of the system.

· Insurance & maintenance of the system.

The solution is 100% financed with no upfront capital needed. The client only pays for energy produced through the solar system. All the maintenance and warranties are professionally handled.

The client owns the solar system after the end of the contract period, which also translates into free electricity for the remaining part of the system’s lifespan. The client thus has:

· Immediate energy to ensure continual business operations.

· No upfront capital investment.

· Benefit of additional free electricity supply at the end of the contract period.

Start saving now

Stay competitive amidst the national energy crisis. Get in touch for more information about solar finance, as part of our turnkey solution for sustainable energy supply.

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