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R113 500

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


4.92 kWp Solar panels

4.6 kVA Solis Hybrid Inverter

7.2 kWh Lithium (LiFePO4) battery

This is a 4.92 kWp solar system, a 4.6 kVA inverter, with an 7.2 kWh battery, sufficient for a medium-sized household.


Expand your system later. This solar package can be expanded in the future. The Victron MultiPlus can be connected in parallel with more Victron inverters. And all Freedom Won batteries can be added one by one as your requirements grow.


  • Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 4000W Inverter/Charger

  • Freedom Won Lite Home 5/4 LiFePO4 Battery

  • Carlo Gavazzi Victron ET112 Energy Meter - 1 phase

  • Interface MK3-USB

  • DC Power Cable 5m (1A Slowblow)

  • RS485 to USB interface cable

  • Victron Venus GX (app control)

  • Delivery to site included

  • 12x Canadian Solar 410W photovoltaic panel


  • All NEW Intelligent Hybrid PV Inverter

  • Dual MPPT

  • Off-grid backup function

  • Export Control

  • UPS function

  • Intelligent EMS function

  • Integrated BMS

  • Smart battery SOC detection - Compatible with various 48V batteries

  • Multiple protection functions

  • CAN, RS485, WiFi/LAN/GRPS (Optional)

  • 5 years standard warranty, 20 years optional upgrade


Pylon Technologies, Co. Ltd was founded in October 2009 and is a leader in lithium iron phosphate battery development. The company deploys core technologies in the cathode material, battery cell and battery management system, making them one among very few companies to vertically integrate the whole lithium battery industrial chain.


Equipment: R113 500

Installation: R10 500

Engineering sign-off and municipal application: R7 715

VAT: R19 757,25

TOTAL: R151 472,25

* All prices include shipping to all major urban areas.

In many instances an installation may require some modification to the house wiring and DB (distribution board) layout. This extra cost is highly variable and is not included in this estimate. We do offer this service (if needed) as part of our turn-key solution.

Some roofs may also require different mounting structures (tile, flat, corrugated, etc.) and may influence this estimate.

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